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Mario Vargas Llosa’s latest book, “The Notebooks of Don Rigoberto,” is a collection of fictional stories about the most famous character in video games: Mario. The notes were written by his creator and namesake, Nintendo designer Shigeru Miyamoto. This excerpt discusses the origins of Mario and Luigi.

“Mario’s physical appearance came about after hours and hours of intense thought and many failed attempts. It finally came together when we used a technique called line-clashing…When I was drawing [a sketch for Mario], I somehow felt that it was not him.”

Mario went from being a carpenter to a plumber because Miyamoto wanted him to drive stakes into the ground as part of some initial game concept. He didn’t have a blue overall to begin with, so he thought it would be fun for him to wear denim overalls.

What happens if you don’t kill him:

Mario’s name was originally Jumpman when he first appeared in “Donkey Kong”as a carpenter. Super Mario Bros. seemed like the most logical choice for a second title, so they decided to change his occupation from being a carpenter to being a plumber because of Miyamoto’s experience with arcade games and love of plumbing.

Miyamoto wanted Mario to drive stakes into the ground as part of some initial game concept; he didn’t have overalls which led him to think it would be fun if Mario wears denim overalls.

His M logo is also seen on virtually all of his merchandise and has become synonymous with him and Nintendo over time, such as the GameCube (also referred to as ‘Mario’ in Japan).


Mario’s face was originally that of the sales manager of Nintendo America at the time, Minoru Arakawa.

Mario, being Nintendo’s mascot, is often positioned in games to be particularly responsive toward his audience whenever they enter his vicinity with signs declaring ‘It’s a-me!’.

Mario was developed as an Italian person because there are very few brown-skinned people in the Mushroom Kingdom. His last name is derived from Nintendo’s warehouse landlord Mario Segale. Mario has also had several butler servants throughout his lifetime including Yoshi.”

“Super Mario Bros., released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) home console system in 1985, established man-of-the-gameplay conventions that define traditional.

Possible benefits of killing Mario:

Numerous benefits of killing Mario have been theorized by various people over the years, and there is only one known benefit that we can confirm:

Mario once semi-autobiographically mentioned that killing him would be a “…ruinous mistake for all Mushroom Kingdom citizens” on page 34 of his first published novel.

“It was Thursday and it was hot and humid outside; I’d gotten myself banned from Starbucks for wearing my swim trunks even though I had no intention of going swimming; my new shirt which featured a picture of some kind of purple dragon eating another purple dragon had gotten me fired after less than an hour on the job (I got rehired six hours later), and to top off everything else, I’d discovered that I couldn’t kill myself even though I’d tried to drown myself in a lake five minutes ago. Taking this all together, I was feeling pretty much like the world’s biggest failure.” – “SuperMario1” by Anonymous (page 34)

It seems as if killing Mario would cause more harm than good, but can we confirm this? Certainly, he is wanted for questioning by the police after shooting Captain Falcon during an illegal street race and running over Toad 21 times with his own car. His resume, which includes such jobs as plumber and comedian and doesn’t include any references (there’s no telling how many people he may have gotten fired), also leaves something to be desired.

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